Any UK DiskOnChip Retailers?

Antony Stone Antony at
Sun Sep 8 12:43:01 CEST 2002

On Sunday 08 September 2002 5:37 pm, Bari Ari wrote:

> M-Systems list these as the UK distibutors:
> Abacus Polar
> Arrow Electronics

I contacted these last week looking for the MD-2800-D08 part.

Abacus gave me the name of a reseller and said they'd get them to contact me 
(but they didn't).

In meantime I bought three DoCs from Arrow Electronics - I have my own 
company, so they were happy to supply me direct.   I'm not sure they'd do the 
same for a private individual.


1. I believe I bought the last three MD-2800-D08 they had in stock :-)

2. They told me M-Systems are discontinuing the MD-2800 series, and replacing 
them with the MD-2802 series, which are "electrical and software drop-in 
replacements".   I didn't ask what the difference between the two was.

If you can't get any joy trying to find a supplier, let me know and I'll 
either get some through Arrow for you (if they have more) or I might part 
with one I've got already...




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