Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Fri Sep 6 15:50:00 CEST 2002

> one thing --- we'd rather have it sooner now with imperfections -- Steve,
> I thought your changes looked really good.
> ron

I tend to agree with "release it early and often" as long as it doesn't
break other working code.

If Hamish supports all stpc chips with an assy language .inc stack at the
head, that could work fine with my vga code, though.  Supporting all of the
stpc chips is very tedious, a real "ifdef" hell.  I am assuming the vga is
not setup in his code, but that may not be true. It also may be true that
his code could co-exist with mine fine, if it is simply an assy stack at the
head.  Not sure if we want to do this or not, though.

I guess the keeper of the archive gets to make the decision; I have no axes
to grind either way.  The big defficiency in my code is that it is
restricted to consumerII.

Hamish and I can exchange thoughts and work to a join agreement, I guess. In
the meantime, I will motor ahead.  If I get to the point that I am ready to
send it to you prior to a consensus, I will do that and maybe you can make a
judgement at that point.


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