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I have done a lot of work for LinuxBIOS with all of the STPC devices and am
in fact just waiting for the latest cloud of changes to filter through, and
for Ron to tell me things are relatively stable before comitting. What I
have been working on is a generic STPC support (there are now about 9
devices in the STPC family), which basically provides a small layer which
virtualises any STPC device (after initialising super-I/O's or built-in
devices to the same level) with a final jump vector in protected mode to
LinxBIOS code.

This little filter layer is accomplished in a maximum of about 4k of binary
code and includes pre-initialisation of the PCI stuff, so a PCI routing
table is not required.

Your inputs though are really welcome, maybe we should pool our efforts!



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> Subject: stpc-consumerII
> Ron:
> I have added the stpc consumer II chip and ST evaluation
> motherboard to the
> linuxbios source and propose to add it to the repository.  The added code
> supports a video console and sets up the integrated vga into alpha mode
> (BIOS mode 3).  The graphics mode is not supported (yet anyway).
> Remaining to be done is the pirq routing; I am not clear on how
> this is done
> in linuxbios.  Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.  I know
> how to do it for the stpc cpu/integrated bridge, but I don't
> understand how
> this is connected to the data structures of linux bios.
> Also remaining to be dealt with is the mtd device on the mobo.
> Right now it
> boots 2.2.21 fine from a floppy ( I changed the floppy code to
> read a track
> at a time; way too slow the way it was.)
> The following files/directories are proposd to be added:
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/Config
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/
> freebios/src/cpu/stpc/consumer2/stpc_vga.c
> freebios/src/include/cpu/stpc/consumer2/stpc.h
> freebios/src/include/cpu/stpc/consumer2/vga_stpc.h
> freebios/src/include/pc80/vga.h
> freebios/src/mainboard/stpc/consumer2/Config
> freebios/src/mainboard/stpc/consumer2/mainboard.c
> freebios/src/northsouthbridge/stpc/consumer2/Config
> freebios/src/northsouthbridge/stpc/consumer2/nsbridge.c
> freebios/src/pc80/vga_load_regs.c
> freebios/src/pc80/beep.c
> freebios/src/pc80/font_8x16.c
> freebios/src/superio/SMC/fdc37b78x/
> freebios/src/superio/SMC/fdc37b78x/superio.c
> freebios/util/config/stpc.config
> The following files were modified:
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/arch/i386/lib/params.c,v
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/lib/floppy_subr.c,v
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/lib/linuxbiosmain.c,v
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/lib/video_subr.c,v
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/pc80/Config,v
> RCS file: /cvsroot/freebios/freebios/src/rom/floppy_fill_inbuf.c,v
> A config option was added:  VGA_HARDWARE_FIXUP.
> Let me know if you want to add this to the project, and the best
> way to get
> the files to you.  Would it be better to wait until the mtd and pirq are
> working?
> -Steve Gehlbach
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