how to build the world's cheapest cluster? (fwd)

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A few of the news sites mention the Apollo PLE133 chipset but I haven't 
seen it mentioned on the Walmart or Microtel sites.


Ronald G Minnich wrote:

>anybody know if this is the EPIA?
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>Subject: how to build the world's cheapest cluster?
>August 30, 2002 01:53 PM
>Via processors power sub-$200 LindowsOS PC
>By Tom Krazit
>MICROTEL COMPUTER SYSTEMS is selling a PC equipped with a C3 processor
>from Via Technologies and the LindowsOS operating system from
> Inc. exclusively at for less than $200.
>One of the cheapest retail desktop PCs available, the SYSMAR 710 is the
>first PC sold by a major U.S. retailer to contain the C3 processor from
>Via, a Via spokeswoman said Friday. The SYSMAR comes with an 800MHz C3
>processor, 128M bytes of SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM), a 10G-byte
>hard drive, and a CD-ROM drive, and has a list price of $199.86. It does
>not include a monitor, modem, nor floppy disk drive, according to the
> Web site.
>The SYSMAR 715, which costs $218, is identical to the SYSMAR 710 but has
>a LAN card and a modem. The SYSMAR 715 was not available on
>at press time.
>Microtel also makes two other PCs for, the SYSMAR150 and
>SYSMAR151, which cost $299.84 and $399.72 respectively, and feature
>Microsoft's Windows XP Home edition operating system. The Windows PCs
>also use 800MHz C3 processors, and feature the same memory and hard
>drive specifications. The 151 comes with a 15-inch monitor.
>, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores, Microtel, and
> partnered to offer low-cost PCs in June, releasing eight
>different models that used processors from both Intel and Advanced Micro
>Devices, priced between $299 and $599.
>Via is primarily known for its chipset business, but also makes the C3
>and Cyrix processors. The C3 is designed to consume small amounts of
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