NEW: support for the pcchips m830lr.

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There is no reason not to be able to add more than 1 PCI device to an
expansion card, the only issue is the potential for conflicts. The only
reason people like Adaptec etc put a bridge on them is so that the
individual devices can be accessed as sub-devices of the card on ANY PCI

If one is looking at making a 'special' for a particular motherboard, it
really is quite simple, you just need to identify which AD lines are used by
other devices on the board and then select unused AD lines for IDSEL of the
new devices you want to add. The potential issue though, is that board will
not necessarily work on other motherboards without conflict.


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> > How would a card like one
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> there are a few
> > that have 4 seperate DEC chips on them?
> All dual or quad Ethernetcards I know of have a PCI bridge on them.
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