Getting kernels to boot other kernels?

Kevin Hester kevinh at
Thu Oct 31 22:16:01 CET 2002


I recall reading a white paper about Linuxbios and patches so that the kernel 
can boot other kernels?  Does anyone know where this code is?  I've poked 
around with no luck.

For our application, I'd like to place a minimal kernel into the FLASH with 
the BIOS.  That kernel would either use IP or IDE to read in the 'real' 

I considered chaining into Etherboot, but I need to boot from IDE drives in 
addition to Ethernet.  The Etherboot CAN_BOOT_DISK flag seems to require IDE 
read funtionality in the BIOS (a no-no with linuxbios?).

Thanks for any advice.  I've only been futzing with linuxbios since last 
Friday so I'm still new at this.


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