More details on the Eden support

Jody Belka belkajm at
Wed Oct 30 19:21:01 CET 2002

My eden motherboard has a PLCC socket, and the image of an eden motherboard
on the via website (
shows a socket as well, so i'm assuming that all of the eden boards do. I'm
also going to get a bios savior for it which will make hot-swapping as easy
as pie. This only costs about £30, so is well worth getting.


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From: steve at
Subject: RE: More details on the Eden support
Date: 30/10/02 10:10

A number of the Giga-byte boards seem to have the bios soldered, in
particular the the GA-6VEML (the Walmart $199 computer). The Via Eden
appears to also but I am just looking at the photo. For the EPIA, if you
bongo the PLCC (socketed), you'll need another PLCC bios mobo to fix it and
hot swapping a PLCC has got to require a deft touch.


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