smartcore PIII is up; G2 & G4 efforts started.

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at
Wed Oct 30 16:57:01 CET 2002

This is a PIII?750 in a PC/104 form factor. Fast!

This one was a pain. Where it stands:
- it is up, but I have to set IOBASE to 0x2000. There is hardware (ACPI)
  at 0x1000 that I can't get to turn off, it seems. This problem has
  never cropped up on piix4e before, so I'm not sure what happened here
- etherboot still can't work the ethernet interface. But it can load
  from IDE, and Linux has no troubles at all, so we put a beoboot
  Phase 1 boot in CF and let etherboot load Linux, which then boots.

Other than that it works fine. I'm working on a better solution to these

On another note, we have several folks starting G2 and G4 work. Just FYI.


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