Want these patches?

Kevin Hester kevinh at ispiri.com
Tue Oct 29 13:41:00 CET 2002

Hi All,

I recently played around with getting Linuxbios running on a VIA Eden/8601 
northbridge/8231 southbridge.  Linuxbios is damn cool!

I'm happy to contribute the changes back to the project, who should I send 
the patches to?  

My changes:
* Add instructions on building for a VIA mainboard

* Make a new mainboard type for the Eden board

* Fix a number of small mistakes in the vt8231 southbridge code

* Fix the vt8601 raminit code to setup DRAM correctly.  I presume this is a 
good thing?  The existing comments implied it wasn't yet working.  I've only 
fixed the non SMBus based version - i.e. this file has to be hand tuned for 
whatever RAM you are using.  

* Change the vt8231 setup to optionally enable the built in ethernet.

The linux bios will now boot through to a shell prompt - IDE etc is happy.  I 
haven't completed testing on Ethernet.


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