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Ricardo Strauch ricardo_strauch at
Tue Oct 29 11:06:01 CET 2002

Thats a good news!!!!!
I'm interesting to make probes of LTSP + Linux Bios working together, please let me know when your LTSP distro is available.
Ricardo Strauch
 Andrew Ip <aip at> wrote:
> So andrew I know you have lots of spare time but can you give me a hint of
> what you did for LTSP? etherboot?
I have got the some rom images in
You also need an elf kernel with sis_lite fb driver patch and follows the ltsp
installation guide. Then, you are pretty much set. With recent kernel, the
video problem doesn't appear when running X. I think it is a very good news.
If I have time, I'll post the my ltsp distro and kernel for people who are 


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