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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Well, ah, I can't think of any. For my part, you've put in everything it
needs, except the hardware itself.  Right now that is. Later? I won't
know until I try out Linux BIOS on an appropriate platform, and I'm
still selecting one of those.
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> Greetings,
> I have built a firmware chooser as a standalone elf image. Currently,
> only concerns itself with tagged ELF flash images, but there is no
> it can't be generalized. The idea is that multiple choices of payloads
> pre-pended with a tag including a signature and an ascii description.
> The chooser finds the tagged payloads and  presents a list of
> descriptions for the user to select from.
> Since I was doing that anyway, I put together a bare metal toolkit for
> building elf payloads for LinuxBIOS (and other). It is composed of
> pieces of LinuxBIOS itself, bits of Etherboot, and a linker script.
> The question: Although mostly composed OF LinuxBIOS, and certainly
> for LinuxBIOS, it is standalone.
> Does any of this belong in the LinuxBIOS tree? (utils, contrib,
> G'day,
> sjames
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