RFC (again)

steven james pyro at linuxlabs.com
Mon Oct 28 18:24:00 CET 2002


I have built a firmware chooser as a standalone elf image. Currently, it
only concerns itself with tagged ELF flash images, but there is no reason
it can't be generalized. The idea is that multiple choices of payloads are
pre-pended with a tag including a signature and an ascii description.

The chooser finds the tagged payloads and  presents a list of
descriptions for the user to select from.

Since I was doing that anyway, I put together a bare metal toolkit for
building elf payloads for LinuxBIOS (and other). It is composed of many
pieces of LinuxBIOS itself, bits of Etherboot, and a linker script.

The question: Although mostly composed OF LinuxBIOS, and certainly meant
for LinuxBIOS, it is standalone.

Does any of this belong in the LinuxBIOS tree? (utils, contrib, other)?


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