LTSP + LinuxBios

Randall Craig randall at
Mon Oct 28 13:42:01 CET 2002

I have been doing Ltsp for over 1 year in production. Using
linuxbios on ltsp clients has many advantages, especially the quick
boot time.

There should be no problem using linuxbios for ltsp since all ltsp
needs is etherboot.

Clustering for the servers would also be favorable.  The most
efficient way of clustering the ltsp servers is to use the 
xdmcp chooser protocol.  This allows the ltsp client user to choose
which server he/she wants to use base on the server load or
other criteria.  If the load gets too high then linuxbios could
quickly fireup another server.  Sounds pretty cool, I have not
done this.

-- Randall

* Antony Stone (Antony at [021028 08:24]:
> On Monday 28 October 2002 3:55 pm, Ricardo Strauch wrote:
> > Hi:
> >
> > Someone has experience working with LTSP and  Linuxbios?
> >
> > Ltsp ( is a powerfull Thin Client solution, were the server
> > makes the hard work.
> >
> > LinuxBios looks like the perfetc tool to buil expensive cluster servers for
> > LTSP solutions.
> I think LinuxBios is probably the perfect tool for building inexpensive 
> clients.
> Whether you can cluster the server end of LTSP I have no idea.
> Antony.
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