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Mon Oct 28 02:13:01 CET 2002

    hello,I have sereval question :
    I used the kernel CWLINUX_4 (from and their pre-made
doc images to do LinuxBIOS project , all things seems good at first ,but
when i halt and reboot again ,it can't enter into the mini-system,the last
screen is :

             C  W  L I N U X

                              (a picture)

    mount root filesystem

    Obviously,i have probed doc (the adress is 0xc8000) and built /dev/mtd*
and /dev/nftla* partition, So i want to know the reason .
BTW: I run :
  $  mount -o loop /dev/nftla1 /home/myfile
    I found the system is there,i can edit many .conf files freely ,and i
success to burn IPL and LinuxBIOS kernel,but i can't enter into system too!
   Last I used kernel CWLINUX_3 (form by the
mannual,but also failed ,the last screen is :

                   D e b i a n

          mount root filesystem

   I think it must the same reason as 1:,so can you tell me how to do next
my machine is:
           Winfast6300 MA Pro
           Red Hat Linux7.2 (kernel 2.4.7-10)
           DOC( MD2800-D08)

   Thanks and best wishes!

My Email:   xuning1979 at

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