PIC question. (fwd)

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at nexpath.com
Thu Oct 24 11:40:01 CEST 2002

> (the "fix" was to remove the broken keyboard init code from
> > the bios).
> well we're going to need a replacement. That code has worked for a few
> years so it would be good to know what's broken and how to fix it.
> ron

The keyboard init code works for me.  I remember looking through it a while
ago, I didn't see anything wrong AFAIR.  You of course have to setup the
superio properly first.  My biggest problem initially was that the init code
was _not_ running, due to needing to set "keyboard=1" in the nsuperio config
line.  Otherwise I have used it in both the stpc and the m787cl+ and it
works fine for me (smc-fdc37b78x and Sis/950 superio).


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