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Thu Oct 24 10:56:00 CEST 2002

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From: "Adam Sulmicki" <adam at>
> Either way. For now, can anyone recommend any "bios tester". something
> other than dos (windows), and linux? The only other thing I can think of
> right now is freebsd.

Another OS you could try is BeOS.  BeOS is interesting in that it has its
own loader (sort of like LILO).  And if the disk is already spun up, BeOS
boots up and is ready to use in about 5 seconds.

Does NT supply its own loader?  NT is based on a different code stream than
Windows 98, so it may exercise different parts of the BIOS.

Oh, and there's OS2.  And Minix.  A look at the file system types listed in
the linux fdisk utility may give some clues to other OSs that run on PCs.

- Jan

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