LinuxBIOS PCBIOS emulation...

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Thu Oct 24 06:01:01 CEST 2002

> > yay, keyboard works. now I have fully functional "lilo classic"
> > from under LinuxBIOS.
> >
> > Thanks to everyone for help.
> >
> > (the "fix" was to remove the broken keyboard init code from
> > the bios).
> Cool.  I am interested to see how far, and where this goes.

I'm fairly optimistic.

However, I'm sort of reluctant to go into details before the stuff are

Either way. For now, can anyone recommend any "bios tester". something
other than dos (windows), and linux? The only other thing I can think of
right now is freebsd. Basically, I Think, there's going on some sort of
corruption shortly after the control is passed off from LILO. It happens
at semi-random points and when I stop ICE it usually is in undetermined
state giving me "reboot" as the only option. Right now I don't have many
good ideas how to attack this problem short of lots of OUT ax, 0x80 and
lots of hand stepping thru code.

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