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Hi Oliver, nice to hear someone from VIA interesting on LinuxBios, Company that I work for has those files but due NDA I can't share with LinuxBios project, could be fantastic if all we can have those informations...

Could be nice to have latest revision of those files: BIOS Porting Guide and DataSheet:

C3 BIOS Porting Guide (It's availeble at web site already, but maybe something new?...)

PLE133: (Actual EPIA 6010 mini-ITX)
VT8231 (SouthBridge)
VT8601(a) (NorthBridge)
VT6103 (PHY)(Ethernet)

CLE266: (coming soon,
VT8235 (SouthBridge, USB2, ATA133)
VT8623 (NorthBridge, DDR, V-Link)
VT1211 (Super I/O)
VT6105M (Manageble Ethernet)

On VT8623 has DDR / V-link that needs to play with...



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> hey,
> nice to see, that you are working on projects wirth our
> epia mainboard. what information do you need for the port?
> perhaps i can organise something ...
> oliver
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