810LMR LinuxBIOS setup

James Alton jalton at olsh.cx
Wed Oct 23 21:26:01 CEST 2002

Hello again,

I had previously written about which BIOS chip to use, I am wondering
now if video and sound will work on the 810LR. I have examined the CVS
code and it seems that it doesn't really do anything but set up irq
tables for vid/snd, and I figure the linux kernel does the rest. I am
pretty sure vid/snd will work but I am wondering if I am wrong in
assuming that. Oh, and also, is there a way for LinuxBIOS to just have
etherboot and have etherboot load the kernel over the network as it
usually does? (Could I use the onboard 2megabit BIOS?)

James Alton
jalton at olsh.cx

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