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Wed Oct 23 09:37:00 CEST 2002

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	I'm trying to set "bios classic/dos" like state
	on the winfast 6300max/sis630 motherboard.

	one of the issues I'm having is that it seems that
	interrupt 9 (keyboard)  is not beging tiggered.
	(this is after linuxbios finish booting and I
	start bochs bios).

	Initially I have suspected that the PIC in the sis630
	is not getting programmed.

	However, going over boch's bios sources I found out that it
	does DO program PIC..so it is not the issue here.
	(relevant code at end of email).

	Thus the question is :

What is the extra step I'm missing that has to be run after
linuxbios finish but before attempting to program PIC for
bios/dos style interrupt mapping?


  ;; PIC
  mov al, #0x11 ; send initialisation commands
  out 0x20, al
  out 0xa0, al
  mov al, #0x08
  out 0x21, al
  mov al, #0x70
  out 0xa1, al
  mov al, #0x04
  out 0x21, al
  mov al, #0x02
  out 0xa1, al
  mov al, #0x01
  out 0x21, al
  out 0xa1, al

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