m810clmr (SiS730S) Plan Of Attack

Peter Lister P.Lister at sychron.com
Mon Oct 21 09:43:00 CEST 2002

>  - Is my cost analysis fairly complete and realistic?

Remember to budget for the PSU, and the per-node cost of getting the
power to the PSU, a UPS to keep it going, a means of extracting the
power again after it has been recycled as heat, the physical space, the
rack, the Ethernet switch + cabling, something to talk to the console
(whether serial or KVM) and a way to press the reset button remotely.

All of which costs money, and some of which you may already have or be
able to scrounge. But it has to go into your budget: if you spend
everything on the nodes, you'll end up having to buy the cable out of
your own pocket...

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