David H. Barr david.h.barr at
Sat Oct 19 11:45:01 CEST 2002

Sorry about the freemail -- The uni, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take down the campus' mail system for all of fall break.

Pardon me if these are a bit ignorant:

1)  I'm assuming the name of the mainboard itself will be the status file name.  Or will that only be contained in mainboard-revision?

2)  Links: http>:<//; Will this be a problem?

>Here, based on input, is the mainboard status file format. >Comments welcome!

>If I don't hear any more ideas I will put this out today or >monday.

># These are keyword-value pairs.
># a : separates the keyword from the value
># the value is arbitrary text delimited by newline.
># continuation, if needed, will be via the \ at the end of a line
># comments are indicated by a '#' as the first character.
># the keywords are case-INSENSITIVE



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