mainboard status

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Thu Oct 17 12:20:00 CEST 2002

> The file would look something like this:
> # These are keyword-value pairs.
> # a : separates the keyword from the value
> # the value is arbitrary text delimited by newline.
> # continuation, if needed, will be via the \ at the end of a line
> # comments are indicated by a '#' as the first character.
> # the keywords are case-INSENSITIVE
> owner:  Ron Minnich
> email:  rminnich at
> #status: One of unsupported, unstable, stable
> status: unstable
> # Last-known-good follows the internationl date standard: day/month/year
> last-known-good: 0/0/0000
> Comments: Great mainboard for a dashboard radio

I would suggest adding some information related to how or what booting modes
have been tested, ie, DOC, IDE, etherboot, floppy, and with what console,
serial, VGA, etc.  In some cases the memory type or position (slot#) matters


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