mainboard status

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at
Thu Oct 17 10:25:00 CEST 2002

Maintaining mainboard status has been a pain in the neck from the
beginning, and as the number of mainboards has grown it has gotten harder
and harder.

Here is what I would like to do: for each src/mainboard/<vendor>/<board>,
e.g. src/mainboard/tyan/guiness, I want to have a file called STATUS. In
this file are keyword-value pairs describing the state of the mainboard.
Each night at midnight we'll have a cron job collate this information and
produce a web page.

Mainboards will have owners responsible for letting us know if the board
is working, and what the most recent good build time was. This information
will be display on the web page.

The file would look something like this:

# These are keyword-value pairs.
# a : separates the keyword from the value
# the value is arbitrary text delimited by newline.
# continuation, if needed, will be via the \ at the end of a line
# comments are indicated by a '#' as the first character.
# the keywords are case-INSENSITIVE
owner:  Ron Minnich
email:  rminnich at
#status: One of unsupported, unstable, stable
status: unstable
# Last-known-good follows the internationl date standard: day/month/year
last-known-good: 0/0/0000
Comments: Great mainboard for a dashboard radio

Rather than have a single file with all the status, I want to have
separate files for each mainboard so the various committers can work on
their STATUS file without worrying about stomping on each other.

Comments? Are there fields missing? Is there a fundamental problem with
this idea that I'm missing?



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