strange error on sis900 ethernet

zhu shi song zhushisongzhu at
Tue Oct 15 01:18:00 CEST 2002

(1) IP has the fragmentation function, ip should support it correctly
(2) why windows98 can handle the matter correctly, but linux can't , maybe linux pci
or sis900 ehternet driver has some bug
(3) maybe linuxbios init sis900 so unusual that linux can't handle it correctly.
 ollie lho <ollie at> wrote:On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 22:30, zhu shi song wrote:
> I met one strange error on sis900 ethernet driver. 
> I'm using cvs freebios on 6 Oct, 2002 , kernel 2.4.17,
> mainboard is winfast6300. After booting using
> linuxbios stored in DOC, I boot 
> my host linux system using normal bios. the host
> linux
> is the same system as in DOC. I test pings, the
> result
> is ( after linuxbios booting):
> ping -s 2592 ( remote ip addr ) 0% lost
> ping -s 2593 ( remote ip addr ) no
> response, 100% lost

Why are your using a packet size of 259x bytes ?? It just makes
no sense since the MTU of ethernet is about 1500.

> I can't make the mainboard work correctly until I have
> booted
> windows98. Then I use my host linux system to boot, 
> the thing is ok. (after windows98 booting )
> ping -s 2592 0% lost
> ping -s 2593 0% lost
> What's the problem, maybe something wrong with pci
> ,or sis900 init 
> code.

Some early 630A/E chips has some kind of bugs due to semiconductor 
fab process. Probably you are just unlucky to get a bad one.


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