Drive VGA card (Am I right ?)

chiangyj chiangyj at
Sun Oct 13 09:39:01 CEST 2002

After reading some related posts, I am not sure how
LinuxBios drive VGA card ? 

LinuxBios replace normal BIOS with its own BIOS, 
so it can't drive VGA card like normal initialization(find the VGA card,
map  VGA BIOS to system memory, then call initialize routine)

There are two ways to drive it:
1. Use BIOS emulator: Run VGA BIOS in BIOS emulator and you
can drive it like normal initialization. BIOS emulator's job is to take
appropriate actions(hardware-dependent actions, eg. access VGA register)

2. Use matroxfb: Because it can intiailize VGA without VGA BIOS.

Am I right ?

And Is there another way to drive VGA card?

Thank for your help.

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