Trouble calling hardwaremain

Hieu T. Tran htran at
Fri Oct 11 01:34:01 CEST 2002


With Ron and Eric help, we were able to build a romimage for our VIA 
vt133 platform with reset_vector correctly located at 0x7fff0.

The resulting romimage seems to have successfully initialized memory 
and copied code from rom to ram, but seems to be stucked at the call
to hardwaremain from crt0.  (Post code is 0xfd, which is right before
the call).

Anyone has a good idea as to why this call would possibly fail?  I'm
assuming that SDRAM is successfully initialized because the copy operation
to ram was successful (e.g. it didn't hang the system), but I'm not too
sure.  I'm going to insert some code in crt0 tomorrow to verify that the
image in rom and ram are the same, but if anyone has any other idea, I
would very much like to know.


-- HT 

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