LinuxBIOS instead of Dell BIOS

Billy Mullins mullins at
Wed Oct 9 11:39:00 CEST 2002


	I work with a couple small clusters of 
Dell PC's, and I'm wondering if someone would
be able to give me an educated guess as to whether or 
not LinuxBIOS will work out of the box for these PC's. 
I've looked at the supported mb list, and they don't
seem to be listed, but maybe...

The machines are the Dell Optiplex Gx240, they
use the standard Dell BIOS Release A02, and
have the Intel 845 chipset. 

What are the factors that play into whether or
not you can use LinuxBIOS out of the box(maybe
that is in a faq somewhere)?  For example, just
the chipset, strange motherboard quirks, etc...

Also, what would it take, and has anyone tried
to get a Dell PC to run LinuxBIOS?

Thanks much,
Billy Mullins

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