cannot initialize ide controller

marcus wimmer wimmer at
Mon Oct 7 12:03:00 CEST 2002

Hi there,

I'm working on employing linuxbios for my emnbedded system.
loading my kernel image from hda1 seems to be 
the best solution for my purposes.

unfortunately I stick with some problems accessing the ide device 
for a whole while now.
thus I don't seem to get around asking for help again and giving 
a description of my proceeding 'though I hate to bore busy people with details

    my target hardware:
    digitallogic smartcore-p5 SEN
    ROM MTD:    256k flash
    IDE device: 128MB disk on module

what I did so far is:

    dos files converted:
    some time ago I reportet some building problems
    and nobody seemed to have stepped into that trap 
    in the meantime the reason turned out to be several
    files containing dos like line terminators. 
    (a greenhorns mistake, you may say ;) )
    dos2unix helped.
    for a list of those files see addendum

    linker script changed:
    when running linuxbios first time on my target
    it got hung since some functions weren't found 
    at the addresses where they're supposed to be.
    I solved this by setting the last alignment of
    every output section in ldscript.base to 32

    my environment:
    both of the above difficulties may be specific
    for my particular environment:
    suse 7.3:   gcc version 2.95.3
                ln  version 4.1
                as  version
    I reported them anyway since someone might 
    happen to have the same.            

    config file changed to p5:
    many thanks to ron for the config file.
    was it meant to be for the p5?
    I changed all the 'p3's to 'p5's
    but left all the opions unchanged.
    (see addendum)

what keeps me from proceeding now is:
    IDE initializing fails.
    when booting I recieve the message:	
    (see addendum for full bootmessages)
    "I am now initializing the ide system
    Controller 0: detect FAILED (1)
    Initializing the main controller failed!
    Could not initialize driver..."
    which as far as I figured out means that the 
    write and confirm read operation on the 
    ide legacy port failed.

    The mentioned errormessage led me to try calling 
    southbridge_fixup right after mainboard_fixup 
    in hardwaremain.c
    (just like in the smartcore_p3 code)
    - without any effect.

    I wonder if a slightly different mainboard type could 
    be responsible for that (smartcore-p5 SEN or SEV)
    or if the ide initialization 
    might work for boards with compact flash but not for
    those with disk on module?
Can someone help me to deal with that problem?



list of CRLF containing file in freebios:

    (additional ones may have been added 
    since my last checkout)


adapted config file:

     This will make a target directory of ./smartcore-p5
     target smartcore-p5

     mainboard digitallogic/smartcore-p5

     # Enable Serial Console for debugging
     option SERIAL_CONSOLE=1
     option NO_KEYBOARD=1
     option INBUF_COPY=1
     option DEBUG=1
     option BOOT_IDE=1
     dir /src/pc80/ide

     option USE_ELF_BOOT=1
     option RAMTEST=1

     payload /dev/null

    LinuxBIOS-1.0.0 Fri Oct 4 12:14:31 CEST 2002 starting...
    Testing SDRAM : 00000000-0009ffff
    SDRAM fill:
    SDRAM verify:
    LinuxBIOS-1.0.0 Fri Oct 4 12:14:31 CEST 2002 booting...
    Finding PCI configuration type.
    Scanning PCI bus...done
    totalram: 128M
    Initializing CPU #0
    Enabling cache...done.
    CPU #0 Initialized
    Allocating PCI resources...done.
    Enabling PCI resourcess...done.
    Initializing PCI devices...
    PCI devices initialized
    Enabling extended BIOS access...done.
    Checking IRQ routing tables...done.
    Copying IRQ routing tables to 0xf0000...done.

    Welcome to elfboot, the open sourced starter.
    January 2002, Eric Biederman.
    Version 1.2

    end 0:70ab2326, start 0:651b22f2
    32-bit delta 185
    calibrate_tsc 32-bit result is 24
    clocks_per_usec: 185
    I am now initializing the ide system
    Controller 0: detect FAILED (1)
    Initializing the main controller failed!
    Could not initialize driver...
    Cannot Load ELF Image

adapted ldscript:

 *	Memory map:
 *				: data segment
 *				: bss segment
 *				: heap	
 *				: stack
 *				: linuxbios text 
 *				: readonly text
 * Bootstrap code for the STPC Consumer
 * Copyright (c) 1999 by Net Insight AB. All Rights Reserved.
 * $Id: ldscript.base,v 1.13 2002/07/25 20:50:52 ebiederm Exp $

 *	Written by Johan Rydberg, based on work by Daniel Kahlin.
 *      Rewritten by Eric Biederman
 *	We use ELF as output format. So that we can
 *	debug the code in some form. 
OUTPUT_FORMAT("elf32-i386", "elf32-i386", "elf32-i386")


	/* This section might be better named .setup */
	.rom . : {
		_rom = .;
		. = ALIGN(32);
		_erom = .;
	_lrom = LOADADDR(.rom);
	_elrom = LOADADDR(.rom) + SIZEOF(.rom);
	 * First we place the code and read only data (typically const declared).
	 * This get placed in rom.
	.text . : AT (_elrom) {
		_text = .;
		. = ALIGN(32);
		_etext = .;
	_ltext = LOADADDR(.text);
	_eltext = LOADADDR(.text) + SIZEOF(.text);
	.rodata . : AT(_eltext){
		_rodata = .;
		. = ALIGN(4);
		streams = . ;
		estreams = .;
		. = ALIGN(4);
		pci_drivers = . ;
		epci_drivers = . ;
		. = ALIGN(32);
		_erodata = .;
	_lrodata = LOADADDR(.rodata);
	_elrodata = LOADADDR(.rodata) + SIZEOF(.rodata);
	 * After the code we place initialized data (typically initialized
	 * global variables). This gets copied into ram by startup code.
	 * __data_start and __data_end shows where in ram this should be placed,
	 * whereas __data_loadstart and __data_loadend shows where in rom to
	 * copy from.
	.data . : AT(_elrodata) {
		_data = .;
		. = ALIGN(32);
		_edata = .;
	_ldata	= LOADADDR(.data);
	_eldata	= LOADADDR(.data) + SIZEOF(.data);
	/* The initialized data segment.  
	 * This is all of the data that we copy from rom into the ram.
	_iseg = _text;
	_eiseg = _edata;
	_liseg = _ltext;
	_eliseg = _eldata;
	 * bss does not contain data, it is just a space that should be zero
	 * initialized on startup. (typically uninitialized global variables)
	 * crt0.S fills between _bss and _ebss with zeroes.
	_bss = .;
	.bss . : {
	_ebss = .;
	_end = .;
	_stack = .;
	.stack . : {
		/* Reserve a stack for each possible cpu, +1 extra */
	_estack = .;
	_heap = .;
	.heap . : {
		/* Reserve 256K for the heap */
		. = HEAP_SIZE ;
		. = ALIGN(4);
	_eheap = .;
	/* The ram segment
 	 * This is all address of the memory resident copy of linuxBIOS.
	_ram_seg = _text;
	_eram_seg = _eheap;
	/DISCARD/ : {

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