National Semiconductor Geode GX1 ?

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Fri Nov 29 15:25:01 CET 2002

* Bari Ari <bari at> [021129 18:44]:
> Christer Weinigel wrote:
> ><cut'n'paste>
> >    There is no video support in LinuxBIOS itself, so you won't get
> >    any video until you have loaded the NatSemi Geode Linux
> >    framebuffer driver (can be found at under the
> >    heading SP1SC10 Platform Image).
> >
> >    There is no SMM/VSA support at all, this means that anything
> >    relying on it won't work.  What this means is that Audio won't
> >    work.
> >
> >Other than that everything works fine, IDE in PIO mode, the PCI bus.
> ></cut'n'paste>
> >
> Has anyone tried to load the SMM/VSA as a binary using the Xpressloader 
> source with LinuxBIOS to have SMM/VSA working?

I've looked at it but did not follow it further. Seems like VSA1 has
some 16bit interface, but i am not sure about vsa2. so basically one
would have to find a proper place during system bootup and just jump
into the binary, taking the structure of vsa binaries into regard.
any hints on known pitfalls? Christer?

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