National Semiconductor Geode GX1 ?

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Rob van Nieuwkerk <linuxbios at> writes:

> Hi All,
> I am using a small (4"x6") SBC board with a NS Geode GX1 and CS5530
> for a project. It's a complete PC on a 3.5" formfactor (300 MHz Geode,
> SODIMM, floppy, IDE, CF, serial, Ethernet, USB, keyboard, mouse, Video,
> LCD, PC/104).  See:

> I searched the linuxbios mailing-list archives for messages about Geode
> systems, but I only found references about SC1200 and SC2200 systems.
> And I did't find info on the Geode GX1 in the linuxbios status list.

> So my question is:
>   - anybody know something about the possibility of running linuxbios
>     on a NS Geode GX1 ?

The SC2200 is a GX1 CPU core integrated with a modified CS5530 and
PC97317 Super I/O on a chip.  So yes, the GX1 is supported.  Look at
one of the supported boards for more info:


The GX1 and CS5530 support can be found in:


The same limitations that apply to the SC2200 apply to the GX1+CS5530

    There is no video support in LinuxBIOS itself, so you won't get
    any video until you have loaded the NatSemi Geode Linux
    framebuffer driver (can be found at under the
    heading SP1SC10 Platform Image).

    There is no SMM/VSA support at all, this means that anything
    relying on it won't work.  What this means is that Audio won't

Other than that everything works fine, IDE in PIO mode, the PCI bus.


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