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steven james pyro at
Thu Nov 28 15:51:01 CET 2002


It won't be possable to just remove the flash. However, you can flash
LinuxBIOS itself onto the plcc (square) flash, and have it load the
payload (kernel) from the DoC. It should be mostly a matter of determining
where the DOC is mapped intp memory.


On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Nathanael Noblet wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I've gone over the instructions included on the website for the sis 
> 630. I have a few questions on how I can do this if I am not using a 
> sis 630 winfast mobo. I have a SBC sis530 based machine. I realize that 
> this board is not supported but I also have the datasheet and don't 
> mind the work that would be involved in adding support. Before I start 
> on that though here are my question. It talks about replacing the bios 
> chip with a DoC. I've looked at this board and what seems to me to be 
> the bios chip is not the same shape as a DoC it is an AWARD and it is 
> square. There is a DoC on the machine and it is rectangular. So there 
> is no way to replace one with the other. Does that make this 
> impossible? Or is it possible to flash the AWARD BIOS with the 
> linuxbios code? Or, and I highly doubt this, since there is a DoC on 
> the board can I simply remove the BIOS chip...
> Any suggestions?

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