Does it some differences between K7SEM V1.0c & V3.0?

bendany bendany at
Mon Nov 25 22:56:58 CET 2002

I have bought a mainboard K7SEM, and The mainboard also have a CPU in it,
duron 1000+, and I follow the m810 HOWTO to burn a DOC chip, and reset,
nothing happen. 
and I also download the LinuxBIOS SDK from the , burn the k7sem
into the DOC, i seem the LinuxBIOS has write into the DOC, i can mount the 
fs in the DOC, and when I turn reset key, nothing happen too
finally, I download the m810-etherboot.rom from ,using a external 
chip burnner ,burn it into the original BIOS chip, and it works, I can take 
some boot message from the serial console, but still does not work,
the log like this:

Boot from (N)etwork or from (L)ocal? N
Probing...[SIS900]Found SIS900 ROM address 0x0000
Found SIS 85C503/5513 PCI to ISA bridge ROM address 0x0000

sis900_probe: MAC addr 00:07:95:2B:50:CE at ioaddr 0X2000
sis900_probe: Vendor:0X1039 Device:0X0900
sis900_probe: No MII transceivers found!
No adapter found

How can I make my mainboard work? Need help!

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