for the archvies/faq: how to get BOOT_IDE to work

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-linuxbios at
Mon Nov 25 21:09:00 CET 2002

This may be obvious to the software authors, but to mere peons like myself 
this will save aggravation.  :-)

In order to get BOOT_IDE to work, you must (obviously) "option BOOT_IDE=1" in 
the little-c config file.

However, from what I can gather, there can only be one stream configured.  
Streams are places to get elf images from: rom, tftp, ide, floppy and so on.

So "option BOOT_ROM=0" must be present, and further, "option 
USE_GENERIC_ROM=0" must also be present, or the rom stream is enabled, 
effectively removing the IDE stream.  I think.

Perhaps Eric can elaborate a little bit, but with what I've written here I am 
able to have the IDE system initialized and used to get the ELF image to run.  
No actual kernel loading yet, but at least I am on the right track now.  :-)


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