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Adam Sulmicki adam at
Sun Nov 24 22:06:01 CET 2002

> Is this the recommended way to boot a Linux kernel from CompactFlash or
> should I continue trying to figure out why elfboot won't look at IDE
> with option BOOT_IDE=1?

maybe someone else can answer this.

I'll just add that when ADLO is used an plain linux kernel without any
modifications can be used. Ie no need to patch it.

> The Bochs BIOS is built around the BX chipset IIRC, which isn't far at all
> from the TX chipset.

I think it is mostly the Bochs "hardware" not the BIOS itself that's build
about the BX chipset. The BIOS itself is fairly generic and pretty
adapable for our needs (the big issues related to it is somewhat
simplistic hardware model. ex : no delay loops (ATA) or incomlete
emulation of hardware (KBD,PIRQ) ).

What's most chipset dependant in our project is the loader it self
(loader.s). It must do some preparatory work before it can start bochs
bios. One of the key issues is that the address at 0xF0000 has to be ram
mapped and it got to be Read/Write.

We still are not sure what's the best way to interface the LinuxBIOS and
BOCHS BIOS. There's need for some information to be passed between the
two. Those include: Mem size, E820, PIRQ, how to manipulate shadow ram,
how to reset chipset (reboot). Of above first 3 are data scrutures, last 2
are functions. If we can do this, we can keep BOCHS BIOS (and ADLO)
generic and leave all chipset specific stuff to LinuxBIOS.

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