elf booting

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-linuxbios at benshaw.com
Sun Nov 24 18:03:01 CET 2002

> The bounce buffer is normally allocated at the top of ram - 2* the size of
> the LinuxBIOS ram segment. It would appear that its got the wrong idea
> about the size of ram in this case.

>> totalram: 1020M

I think you're absolutely correct.  :-)  Damn I never saw that line before you 
brought it to my attention.  Now I know where to look.

Any thoughts on getting BOOT_IDE to work?  With the option enabled I saw 
absolutely no change in the elfboot operation.  changing BOOT_ROM to 0 was 
similarly uneventful.  I don't _think_ it has anything to do with the PIRQ 
routing table having bad CRCs for entries (how did that happen anyway, it was 
generated by the appropriate utility).  I'll do some more investigation but 
thank you for pointing me off to the memory issue.


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