occurs segmentation fault, when I make a file system(ext3 or reiserfs)

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Sat Nov 23 01:59:01 CET 2002

"Munjun Kang" <malas at pinetron.com> writes:

> Dear linuxbios.
> Hello.
> I've worked for development of Embedded linux project in my corp.
> Following is decription of my projcet.
> CPU : VIA C3 800Mhz (EBGA)
> Reference Board : VT6015
> Northbridge : VT8606 (include S3 twister video core)
> Southbridge : VT8231 (include VIA rhine II LAN core)
> Bootbios : Linuxbios
> OS : linux 2.4.19 ( ramdisk include glibc 2.3.1, busybox 0.60.5 and tinylogin
> 1.2 )
> Now, It works well except hard disk.
> I try to boot the kernel in two way.
> First, it loads compressed kernel and ramdisk image via network using tftp
> protocol.
> Second, it loads elfImage, generated by 'mkelfImage' via network.
> All of them work great. (It means that I can see the prompt '\ '.)
> But, when I try to make a file system the harddisk, 'segmentation fault' occurs.
> mke2fs and mkreiserfs have same problem.
> For find out the cause, I try to make a file system in various method.
> 1. Buildin Bios + Redhat 8.0 installed harddisk + test harddisk
> 2. Linuxbios + Redhat 8.0 installed harddisk + test harddisk
> 3. Linuxbios + Kernel(newly compiled), own ramdisk + test harddisk
> After boot, I try to make a file system on test harddisk.
> In case 1, It works well. Of course, it must be.
> In case 2 and 3, I meet the segmentation fault.
> So, I think that this problem caused in Linuxbios.
> Maybe, this problem caused by harddisk initialization in linuxbios.
> But, there are no harddisk initialization code in linuxbios.
> Cound you help me?
> Thanks for reading.
> Regards,
> malas
> PS. In addition, memtest86 v3.0 works well without error.

My hunch is that it is a DMA problem, or a similar hardware timing
problem.  But you missed the most important part of the kernel crash.
The symbolic output of ksymoops. 

Without knowing where the code crashed it is hard to guess where the
code crashed in the kernel, and thus have a good idea what the real
problem is.


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