booting elf from ROM

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-linuxbios at
Tue Nov 19 23:13:01 CET 2002

> Well done, Andrew. Can you send me a copy of your kernel, or at least
> make it available someplace, if it is too big to send via e-mail?
> Complete with instructions on how to attach it to the bochs simulator,
> please. And as usual, if you choose to send the things to me, off list
> as per the way the other item got to me.

The kernel doesn't matter (I am not using one... yet).

Bochs was straightforward once I read the documentation a little more 
thoroughly.  I have a 256k ROM image, with the first 64k being the etherboot 
ELF image, the next 128k empty, and the last 64k being the LinuxBIOS image.  
256k down from 0xf0000 is 0xc0000, so I tell bochs that my video BIOS is a 
0-byte file I call "nullrom" and the system BIOS is the romimage from 
LinuxBIOS, installed at 0xc0000.

(Since the video BIOS is at 0xc0000, I could have also put romimage where the 
video bios is asked for, and put nullrom at 0x00000.)

Start up two shells, one to run Bochs in, and one to receive the serial 
messages.  On the latter, run tty to find out the device it's using.  Tell 
Bochs that COM1 exists, and that its device is what was specified when you 
ran tty.  Now run something like "sleep 1000000" on the sacrificial terminal.

Start up Bochs.  On my particular system (since I have to override 
pci_set_method()'s analysis of my PCI access methods :-) I set a breakpoint 
on pci_set_method() and trace through until pci_check_direct returns.  For me 
it returns with EAX=0 since neither direct method works in bochs.  I override 
that with a set $eax=[address of pci_direct_conf1] and continue.  There will 
be all kinds of text on the serial console.

And that's where I'm at.  elfboot() finds my ELF image at 0xc0000, likes it, 
so elfload() loads it and tries to run it but gets nowhere.  It copies 
something (the ELF image?) into high memory and tries to jump there to 
continue but EAX ends up in low memory anyway and we don't get to actually 
run the ELF image.  :-(


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