pci_set_method() and bochs

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-linuxbios at benshaw.com
Mon Nov 18 20:51:00 CET 2002

I am debugging my bochs-makes-the-bios-jump-off-to-never-never-land problem 
and have just realized that the linuxbios_c.map file shows me the RAM 
addresses (bliss!).

I've been tracking this back and have traced it down to lib/newpci.c, line 
274, where a far call to a null pointer seems to occur because struct pci_ops 
*conf is never assigned a value.

pci_set_method() assigns it a value, but under bochs neither PCI direct method 
1 nor 2 works.  I suppose I could hack around it but I'm wondering if anyone 
has done anything a little more slick than that.  I'm reluctant to just flash 
one of these boards because if she don't boot, I have to unsolder a TQFP, buy 
an adaptor to reflash it, (probably buy a TQFP socket too while I'm at it), 
and try again.  :-)


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