Tyan S2462 success (was Re: overflowed source buffer ... segment exceeding memory)

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-linuxbios at benshaw.com
Fri Nov 15 09:27:00 CET 2002

> 	LinuxBIOS CVS + compile fixes
> 		CONFIG_COMPRESS=0  (haven't tested CONFIG_COMPRESS=1 yet)
> 	etherboot-5.0.7 3c9805.ebi
> 	mkelfImage-1.18
> 	Linux-2.4.20-rc1
> 	RedHat 8 (gcc-3.2 and 2.13.*)

.ebi -- is that just the .rom file?  or is it an elf image?  I was following 
the howto mentioned at 
http://www.missl.cs.umd.edu/archives/linuxbios/msg11992.html and they have 
etherboot making an elf image for natsemi without the use of mkelfimage (I 


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