[COMMIT] pirq_routing.c

Christer Weinigel christer at weinigel.se
Thu Nov 14 17:07:01 CET 2002

"Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at lanl.gov> writes:

> It would be nice to eliminate the memory hole, it has just not proven to 
> be as easy to kill it as we hoped. So we will have to preserve the ability 
> to operate with the memory hole in place and pointing to flash at 0xf0000, 
> until we know for certain that for 100% of our platforms we can make that 
> area covered by DRAM.
> What this means is that the compressor can not be used for every platform.
> I'm not even sure yet we can turn off the memory hole on the Geode chipset 
> -- it's on the TODO list as of today.

I've just been skimming the list lately, so what is this discussion

On the geode it's possible to map RAM into the whole region from
0xa0000 to 0xfffff.  IIRC the memory at 0xa0000 is a bit special since
it's usually remapped to somewhere in the GX_BASE region and used to
store the VSA BIOS, but if you aren't using VSA at all, it can be used
as normal memory.


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