Can't get a rom image below 512k?

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at
Thu Nov 14 12:12:01 CET 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

> heh, no problem.  In the meantime, is it possible for me to pick through 
> NLBConfig and glean the easier ones?  I haven't looked at the source for 
> NLBConfig yet, so I may be asking a dumb question here.  :-)

no, because arbitrary options can be set in Config files. 

So do a findgrep for all the option commands in all the Config files, sort 
and uniq it, and you have a list.

> Ok so am I correct in assuming that since there are on Config files in any of 
> the superio/SMC/ directories that the superio.c file is not used at all?  I 
> based my fdc37n958fr configuration off of the fdc37c67x's configuration, but 
> did not bother with the superio.c since it went off on an entirely different 
> tangent.  (enable PNP?)

No, because some mainboard files yank in superios directory. 

> Alright, I think I have some semblance of a clue.  :-)  Is there any 
> documentation on the general boot process that LinuxBIOS uses?  i.e. very 
> basic init, superio init (so we have a serial port), chipset init (enable 
> sdram, ide, whatever, test RAM if enabled), decompress to RAM address 
> 0xwhatever (why/how 0xwhatever was chosen), other init, jump to payload?  Or 
> did I just pretty much describe it?  :-)

I did a summary a few years ago, which I *should* have put on the web page 
and did not. We need somebody to write it up, it has changed a lot.


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