Can't get a rom image below 512k?

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at
Thu Nov 14 00:44:00 CET 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

> heh, the kernel isn't very useful, but the bzImage is 360625 bytes.  Just IDE 
> + serial console ATM (no networking support).  I think it was just over 400k 
> with networking support.

wow. 2.4 sure did start to grow, but I'd still like a copy of that .config

> Is there a location where I can find out what all the options are and what 
> they mean?  I haven't been able to locate any documentation to that effect 
> yet.  Similarly, is there a clear distinction between the Config and config 
> files?  

Ah, yes, the options. On the todo list: build a web page with all the 
options and what they mean. And fix all those option names that are config 
dependent with a CONFIG_ prefix so you can tell. Sorry.

Config files are in directories in the src tree and describe how to use
and build the .c files in that directory. Config files can pull in Config
files from other places.

The config.example etc. are top-level files which are handed to the 
NLBConfig tool (New Linux Bios Config) and which start the process of 
building a build directory.


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