sorry for my chinese outlook! problem in objcopy

Terry B. Chen terryc at
Wed Nov 13 04:06:00 CET 2002

Hi all£º
       I am looking to setup a system with Linuxbios, it is the first time,
I meet some problem when I make linuxbios.rom
The commandlin 
Objcopy ¨CO binary ¨CR .note ¨CR .comment linuxbios linuxbios.strip   make linuxbios (only 54k) to  linuxbios.strip(540K)
So the next step¡± ./mkrom ¨Cs 64 ¨Cf ¨Co linuxbios.rom linuxbios.strip ¡° error . linuxbios.strip is too large
Why ?
Could you give me some suggestion?
Best Regards
Terry Chen
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