Tekram S381-ML w/ i810

steven james pyro at linuxlabs.com
Tue Nov 12 08:56:01 CET 2002


It might accept an 82802aC which is a 1MByte part (nice tiny distinction
in the part number eh?) Electrically, there's no problem at all. The
challenge will be to get the chipset to route memory accesses from
fff00000 - fff7ffff correctly. That may be a register configuration.

I don't know much about i810. It may even already be routing those
addresses. If so, fff00000-fff7ffff will appear to be a duplicate of
fff80000-ffffffff when the smaller (original) flash is inserted. At least
that's what happens when I put a 512KByte part in a Clearwater board
(which normally has the 1MByte part).


On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Adam Hunt wrote:

> I have a Tekram S381-ML motherboard 
> (http://www.tekram.com/hot_products.asp?Product=S381-M) with a i810 
> chipset on it.  In one corner there is what I belive to be the flash part.  
> It is a socketed chip labled N82802AB.  I belive it is only 512KB.  Is 
> there any chance that I could throw a larger part in there? 
> --adam 

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