has anyone tries this bios on SC2200 from National Semiconductor?

Christer Weinigel christer at weinigel.se
Mon Nov 11 09:28:01 CET 2002

"Yogesh Desai" <yogeshd at myw.ltindia.com> writes:

> Has  anyone tries this bios on SC2200 from National Semiconductor?

Yes, I have ported LinuxBIOS so that it works on at least one SC2200
platform.  Recently others have started on ports to the SC1200 too,
but I don't know how well that work has been progressing.

I haven't compiled LinuxBIOS the last month, so it could be that the
current CVS tree won't work on the SC2200, but it should be possible
to get it working without too much trouble.

> We plan to use Leneo embeddix on SC2200 we plan to use expressloader =
> from national and customise for linux.Will it work?

You will probably have to do the same kind of work that has alredy
gone into Linux to make it work with LinuxBIOS, you have to remove all
the BIOS calls from the Linux kernel and replace them with code that
gets that information from the XPressLoader instead.


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