Help: Building LinuxBIOS for VIA EPIA

Andy andy at
Mon Nov 11 01:34:01 CET 2002

I have a CVS snapshot that I've decompressed. It has the latest changes from Andrew Ip but I don't see any changes in it from Kevin Hester who, on 10/29, said he had some patches.

I've been lurking in the email list for some time and see that Andrew Ip and Kevin Hester have made progress with the VIA EPIA.

This would be my first build with what they have; so, I'm a newbie to CVS and LinuxBIOS. I'm fairly knowledgable about Linux and some revision control systems that run on other operating systems (PVCS, RCS). Although CVS is recommended for getting the files, I would hope that the snapshot can be workable but I don't know how. Currently, I don't have a CVS client running so, if possible, I'd like to have a way to use the snapshot.

I'm trying to get this built but there are no instructions for the VIA EPIA board. So, I decided to look at the HOWTO for K7SEM. It says that the kernel is supposed to be patched. I don't see a VIA EPIA patch for the kernel, is there supposed to be one?

I'm looking to use either kernel 2.4.18 or 2.4.19 but to match other progress with VIA EPIA I'll use what ever kernel I'm supposed to.

I want to just get caught up to Andrew Ip's last issue - IRQ table..

Is there some LinuxBIOS file I need to read that I haven't yet?

The CVS snapshot decompressed has resulted files with ",v" and suspect there's some other step that I may have missed to get these files with the correct filenames for make?

Thanks in advance.

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