EPIA DOC - Via wont give out info..

David Barr David.Barr at student.oc.edu
Sun Nov 10 23:06:00 CET 2002

FWIW:  EMJ America Inc. ( http://www.emjembedded.com ) has told me that
they will have the new M-Systems MD-2802-D08 DiskOnChip "Millenium
Module", 8MB available in mid-November for $23 USD / ea.

It's supposed to be the "same" as the M-Systems MD-2800-D08 DiskOnChip
"Millenium", 8MB.  Whether or not that is an accurate statement remains
to be seen.  I can't order a 2800 anywhere, to compare.


>All my efforts to find out anything from via about the DOC option on
>EPIA Motherboards has gone in veign.  They say that the DOC option is
>discontinued, and that they will not release any info.
>I guess the next thing to do is break out the logic analyzer and see
>the pad does on startup.   Either that or buy a DOC chip and see if it
>Anyone have any other suggestions?

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