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Tyson D Sawyer tyson at
Thu Nov 7 16:41:01 CET 2002

I'm not sure that uC-Linux can't get that small.  You loose some 
features bu it might be worth checking.

I don't know the details or how current this info is but from the "What 
is page":

* Common Linux API
* uCkernel < 512 kb
* uCkernel + tools < 900 kb

I don't know what is included in that 512K or if it is a compress image 
or not.  However, I've heard its smaller.  ...slim chance but worth 
looking into.


Ronald G. Minnich wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, John Allen wrote:
>>I need to get the kernel that I am building for my Geode sc1200 
>>(including the linuxbios code) small enough to fit on a 256K eeprom.  Is 
>>this possible?  My first attempt resulted in vmlinux of  626K.  After 
>>compiling linuxBIOS it gave my a rominage of  448K.  Am I missing 
>>something?  I tried to strip as much out of the kernel as possible.  
> you are SOL. Linux has not been that small for years. You could try to 
> compile an older kernel, but we have had zero luck with 256KB.
> oh yeah, don't compile older kernels on newer linux. I've tried that and 
> it fails. re-install red hat 1.0
> ron
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