linux bios kernel for m758lmr+

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Nov 7 13:43:01 CET 2002

Hi James,

> Every linux kernel out that I know of is not gcc 3.2 safe. Which means
> it will not work. It's a linux kernel problem, not a linux bios problem.
> I just didn't check my version when I did the build. *Do not use gcc 3.2
> and try to compile a linux kernel* 99.999% chance it will not work.

I cannot agree. There are several distributions out there now which are
completely based on gcc 3.2 and there has been a pretty reliable set of
patches floating around to fix the kernels 2.4 and newer to work when
compiled with gcc 3.2. You will have no success with 2.2 kernels, but
they are outdated anyways. gcc 3.2 is proven to produce a lot better
code than gcc 2.95.x on many platforms. Main problem when "porting"
applications to gcc 3.2 is the different behaviour of the gcc's in some
details, i.e. packing of structs and unions (which likely bites us with
the mptables). That's not a bug, but a feature. gcc reorganizes your
structs so they are aligned/packed in a proper way (faster, and needed
on some platforms, such as alpha). LinuxBIOS should be ported to fit
these new assumptions, as gcc 3.2 will be the default gcc in a very
short while. We have almost no machines running with gcc 2.95.x here


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